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’To serve all humanity is real worship of God’
Swami Hariharji Maharaj

Remembering these words of our Gurudev, the GAM Charity Fund was launched in 2022 to help and support the needy.

This fund adopts a holistic approach, which includes three pillars of funding namely
1. 🔅 Family – Single mothers, orphans, family basic needs etc
2. 🔅 Health – Child healthcare/Special Needs, Dialysis, Cancer patients etc
3. 🔅 Education – Basic School needs, Career/education guidance, Skills training etc

In April 2022 we jointly conducted Beyond Medical & Healthcare Education Fair 2022, a community project to promote and support our youth in their educational pursuits and career aspirations.

This was followed with a Charity event in support of Dialysis Recipients who are in dire need of kidney dialysis, in collaboration with Sai Ananda Dialysis Centre.

The needy were not forgotten during the Festival of Lights, Deepavali 2022, where we started a Divali Drive to bring some relief and cheer with provisions and goodies.

In early April 2023, we distributed activity books, ties and badges for B40 children in Kapar, KLANG.

And most recently, we are currently collaborating with a Hospital and sponsoring needy patients, suffering from various critical illnesses who are in urgent need for medical treatment.

Our efforts are ongoing and many such projects are currently in progress.

We appeal to all devotees to donate generously.