• Geeta Ashram Malaysia
  • April 26, 2023 19:00

Special Satsang with MATAJI VANAMALI

With the grace of Shree Krishna, & blessings of our Gurudev, all devotees are invited for the above satsangs. Vanamali Mataji from Rishikesh, India will be sharing her insights on the current verses of the Geeta on Sunday. This is will be followed by a Special Satsang on 26th April, Wednesday, where devotees are invited to raise any questions on the Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta.

Program details are as follows:

WEDNESDAY 26th April
Q & A on the Geeta with Mataji
~ Sandhya Aarti
~ Guru Vandana
~ Chapter 12
~ Q & A on the Geeta & Sanatan Dharma
8.30 pm Aarti & Prasad followed by Prithi Bhojan

Speaker: Vanamali Mataji
Vanamali Gita Yogashram,
(Rishikesh, India)


Event Location