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This site is dedicated to Swami Hariharji Maharaj our beloved Master and to the lotus feet of Radhaji and Lord Krishna.

The Geeta Ashram web site has been in making for a very long time. Work started long back. The initial initiative was taken by Mr.Subramaniam. He worked hard in collecting material for the web site. Domain name was not, but was in transition with different names.  
In the year 2005 then a committee was formed so that the web site could become a reality. Suresh Ranga assisted Mr.Subramaniam, in getting the site up and ready. The IYGC was also in the early stages of design. A web site was indeed needed, and presence of Geeta Ashram Malaysia on the cyberspace was felt more now.  
Finally in October 2005 Suresh Ranga completed the first draft of the web site and presented it to the committee. The committee approved it with some changes. In Dec 2005 the site was finally presented in the Sunday Satsang. The dream of having the web site was getting closer.  
Further in March 2006, domain name was registered. The site was up and running finally. This was the Version 1 of the site. The site played an important role not only in providing information about Geeta Malaysia, but as well in giving information about IYGC.  
In Dec 2007 the web site has gone a second round of change. It has been redesigned from scratch. Links have been remade. The site has moved to have a professional look. This is the Version 2 of the site  
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