Revered Swami Guru Maa Geeteshwari Ji

Guru Maa Geeteshwari Ji was born in May 1949 in Pune. As Lord had willed, Guru Maa met His Holiness Paramhans Shri 108 Swami Hari Harji JiMaharaj in 1975 and later 1977 she took Diksha during the 3rd International Geeta Conference in Monrovia on the auspicious day of Holi and Swamiji’s Birthday. During her stay in Monrovia she served as General Secretary to Geeta Ashram Monrovia for 10 years.

In 1990 Civil War broke out in Liberia and GuruMaa’s whole family came to Delhi and stayed at the Ashram. Since then she has been constantly at the Lotus Feet of reverend Gurudev Ji and dedicated her life as Service to her Master. She accompanied His Holiness wherever He want. Due to her selfless service and dedication to her Guru, Gurudev honored her with the title of Guru Maa, because her service to her Guru was like that of a mother to her child.

In 1991 at the National Geeta Conference held in Delhi, she was awarded “Geeta Ratna” and in 1999, she won “Geeta Bhaskar” as she has been able to memorize the whole Geeta, and could understand and deliver the teachings of the Geeta as it was meant to be.

Since 1990 Guru Maa has been devotedly serving Geeta Ashram head quartered in Delhi and Geeta Dham in Jodhpur. Presently Guru Maa is carrying out the wishes of His Holiness Swami Hari Harji Maharaj and is healing people all over the world through the teachings of Geeta.